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For those of you who just want things to be the way they used to be…

ORIGINAL MIXES OF ALL SOLO ALBUMS (1987-2015): Why Kill Yourself ? - History of a Year & Other Assorted Songs - Uniform Zoo Loo -Man -Grate To Be Alive - Someday I’ll Be Made of Rubber - Someone’s Been Sleeping In My Bed - What The What? -I Don’t Give A Fuck If You Like It Or Not - Everyday Life & Sunday Afternoons - Out-Of-Body Experience - Translation Snakes - Hi Honey, Drop Dead - Onions - Good Food, Fine Drinks - Laughter In The Cabbage Patch Again - Stop Playing Music - Religion & Food - 3 - Bad Vibes - Here’s Your Change - Bloated & Pretentious - Mormon Cookin’ - Rubberlike Methodology - Shark Hospital - Greetings From Stoner’s Landing - Orchestral Fakes - Oscillate Wildly - Second Bedroom Decade - Run Down To The Butcher Shop And Buy Me A Rose - The Substandard Experience - Cracked - I’m Sally’s Husband - Panic - Songs From A 14-Year-Old Libido - Lo-Fibruary - Destroy The Original - Strawberries Magnification ep - Geography Amongst Others - Duct Tape Shall Make You Free - The Phones - Dumb Stupid - Fear Of A Podunk Planet - Artificial Everything - Fake Book - (Music From) The Stedman - Backward From The Middle - Alert But Without Acute Distress - Cherry Creek - Blowing Chunks Of Theory - Acoustic Covers ep


03.27.95-Pomp Room - Sioux Falls SD

03.30.95-Pomp Room - Sioux Falls SD

04.22.95-Phil's Pub-Sioux Falls SD

05.16.95-Pomp Room - Sioux Falls SD

08.05.95-Phil's Pub-Sioux Falls SD

08.27.95-Main Street Pub-Vermillion SD

09.09.95-Phil's Pub-Sioux Falls SD

09.10.95-Shadows Lounge-Tea SD

10.07.95-Phil's Pub-Sioux Falls SD

10.25.95-Pomp Room-Sioux Falls SD

11.14.95-Volstorf Ballroom-Brookings-SD

01.13.96-Joe House-Brookings SD

01.20.96-Eagles Club-Vermillion SD

02.07.96-Main Street Pub-Vermillion SD

02.17.96-Phil's Pub-Sioux Falls-SD

07.11.96 - Pomp Room - Sioux Falls SD